The German author, sociologist and teacher Verena brunhilde Schweiger (39) triggers with your latest book, “child-free instead of childless,” massive reactions. Your provocative claim: women who consciously decide against reproduction, don’t perceive this as a negative, and to be as “child-free”. In contrast to those women who could get in for various reasons, no children and in fact “childless”.

brunhilde Schweiger, a feminist is defined as a Radical, nothing less than the salvation of the earth in mind. “Half of the present population would be a blessing,” she writes, in view of the Situation in their home country. “A child is the worst thing we can the environment harm at all.”

A child caused 60 tons of carbon dioxide per year

your statements are backed up with impressive Numbers. “The waiver of a child saves, according to researchers from Sweden and Canada, nearly 60 tons of carbon dioxide per year.” A car-free life compared to a Saving of 2.4 tonnes.

According to a British investigation Brun illustrated Schweiger in addition, the geographical gradient. A child from Western Europe, the environmental 30 dirty-times more, and spend several times More resources than a child from the South of the-Sahara part of Africa. “How you look at it – a drastic and quick reduction in global population growth in the future is essential.”

the Club of Rome: 80’000 Swiss francs for a children’s waiver

So that it takes up a study of the Norwegian futurologist Jorgen Randers (73) and the British Economist Graeme Maxton (58) for the Club of Rome by 2016. The writing Duo called the public, women, would have a maximum of pulled a child to the age of 50. To reward birthday with a Bonus of 80’000 Swiss francs.

Negative Feedback is given brunhilde Schweiger primarily from two Camps. Conservative and Christian circles under your a social core tasks as a woman not to be aware of and to torpedo our culture. The second opposition comes from School districts. As a secondary school teacher, Brun destroy Schweiger with their statements on the basis of their profession.