This show, the first at the festival “stars of the white nights”, was held with the participation of invited soloist in the role of Gilda, the famous soprano Olga Peretyatko, who was born on the banks of the Neva, but has been living and working in Europe. This visit, I would like to think, was a harbinger of a return to a familiar cultural cooperation. Partners of the singer made luxurious baritone of the Mariinsky theatre Vladislav Sulimsky (Rigoletto) and young tenor Alexander Mikhailov (Duke). Place the conductor took Valery Gergiev, without the will and determination which the “stars of the white nights” this summer wouldn’t exist.

“Rigoletto” -the performance is frankly old. Even the definition of stylistics as retenerte it would be a compliment. It is necessary to consider that the historic stage of the Mariinsky theatre a long time waiting for reconstruction, and a few years here deliberately not planned any premiere. Therefore, all the advantages of the performance was exceptionally musical, not theatrical. The orchestra sounded rich, colorful zhivopisuya and awe of nature, and sensual torments of the characters. The dominant tone – the darkness: that from the first chord everyone knew what a happy ending to expect stupid. While Vladislav Sulimsky is one of the best in the world of Rigoletto and as Olga Peretyatko – Gilda.

All that is happening in the live performing arts, devoid of plaque of everyday life: each contact with the theatre today is an absolute exclusive. Sometimes weird: strange, even ridiculous to listen to “dissected” into separate concerts, “the snow maiden” by Rimsky-Korsakov or “maid of Orleans” by Tchaikovsky. But while the theater according to the order of Rospotrebnadzor tries to minimize the number of performances with intermissions, so the repertoire of most of our knowledge comes without a pause, like “Rigoletto”, “Attila” and “Boris Godunov”, where the main star was Ildar Abdrazakov.

However, we can say that the Mariinsky theatre has released its “design capacity”. Although not in occupancy of the room (while the CPS does not permit the absolute sale of tickets), and the number of submissions – a dozen over two days. And let the trek to the show now begins with measuring the temperature on the entrance and requests to have a mask, and artists, to their disappointment, the flowers from fans not stand on stage and give behind the scenes people are absolutely happy about the possibility after a long interval again to go to the theater.