Venus O’hara earned her money as a real estate agent. In the meantime, the British have been able to triple her income tripled – as “orgasm activist”. O’hara, who comes from Manchester and in Barcelona today live, test Sextoys, writes Sexkolumnen and designed their own toys. She says the “Daily Mail” that she alone has tried a since 2014 more than 500 toys.

“Every day is a highlight,”

“I have an orgasmic life-style. Every day is a highlight,” said the Briton. However, each orgasm has been at O’hara for a reason: they use a technique that’s called “sexual Transmutation”. This channeling sexual energy, to achieve certain goals. “Behind every orgasm I’ve had in March 2018, was an intention,” she explains. “If I want something, I imagine, how it feels, and stimulate myself to increase the Demand. I think each Time on the intent, and it has completely changed my life.”

With the Use of the “sacred sexual energy,” she wants to now help other women discover themselves. “I want to show women that there are a myriad of different toys,” she explains. She wanted to normalize also Toys by post photos of it next to your Breakfast.

“I want to encourage people to love themselves more,”

In the network sharing Venus O’hara valuable orgasm tips with your followers and on your Blog or Youtube for information about Sextoys. Previously, O’hara worked as a Realtor for luxury real estate on a Commission basis and often had financial problems, as you told. “I was exhausted,” she recalls. Today, you live more relaxed. “I work four hours a day, and I am so much more productive. I eat healthy, do Sport every day, meditate, and don’t drink alcohol.” To have an orgasm, belong for you to self-love. “I want to encourage people to love themselves more, to take care of yourself, to treat yourself to a massage.”

you stated: “people have many prejudices and pack Sex in a big category. I would film me never, as I use a toy. I try not to use the male gaze.”

friends turned away from O’hara from

O’hara describes himself as a sexual Person, the experience is usually ten Times per week for a orgasm. “Orgasms have so many advantages. They are good cramps against Period, or in the case of insomnia, in addition, relax the muscles,” she says. In the case of Instagram, Venus O’hara is almost 13’000 subscribers at Youtube 55’000 Fans. The reactions on their profession but are not very positive: you’ve lost some friends, which required her to conceal her profession when she introduced herself to someone. “These were people who projected their sexual repression on me. I can’t find anything wrong with what I’m doing. I bring to the people a good and positive message,” says O’hara. (kad)