Venezuela: recognition of Pompeo and the announcement of Maduro

In his speech at the Munich security conference on Saturday, U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo spoke about the leadership of America in a coalition to overthrow the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro. According to Pompeo, it includes 59 States and stated purpose of “respect for the will of the Venezuelan people”.

In turn, Maduro announced military exercises to be held in Venezuela on February 15-16. They are called “Bolivarian shield — 2020” and are designed to work out the interaction of the army of Venezuela and the civilian militia. For this purpose, under the gun called more than 2 million 300 thousand people, writes TASS. Maduro sure that maneuvers will help to protect the country’s sovereignty.

January 23, 2019, the opposition leader Juan Guido declared himself acting President. His authority is recognized by the US, most countries in South America and Europe.