the Prosecutor General’s office of Venezuela have issued 22 warrants for the arrest of the possible organizers of the overthrow of President Nicolas Maduro. Three people declared in the international search head of the us private military company Silvercorp Jordan Goodro, opposition lawmaker Juan Jose Rendon and political consultant from Miami Sergio Vergara.

the arrest warrants said the public Prosecutor Tarek William Saab. His statement was broadcast on Twitter.

the Venezuelan interior Ministry earlier reported about the attempted invasion of the country by Colombian insurgents on boats. Among them were U.S. citizens.

Maduro said that goal was his assassination. According to The Washington Post, in 2019, the opposition signed with the American company Silvercorp preliminary contract for the overthrow of Maduro. After that the PMC was supposed to act without approval from supporters of Juan Guido. The US authorities have denied involvement in the incident. The US President Donald trump said that “if I wanted to go to Venezuela, you would not make a secret of it”.