the Heroine is Velma Dinckley from the animated series and feature-length cartoons “Scooby-Doo” turned out to be a lesbian. About it reports BuzzFeed.

Director and screenwriter, Tony cervone confirmed the homosexuality of the character. “Ten years ago we showed this as seamlessly as possible. Most of our fans understand that. Those who do not understand, I suggest to look closely. There is no news,” — reads the statement of the filmmaker.

cervone said that even though Velma and had an affair with the main character Shaggy, it was still obvious that this relationship is not right for her. According to the writer, the heroine had a relationship with a girl Marci FLIC.

Screenwriter James Gunn said that, too, was trying to make Velma a lesbian, but in the end the Studio had left it in the cartoon only hints at its orientation. Later, the heroine does have a boyfriend.

In may, it was reported that the Studio Pixar, which created the franchise “Cars” and “toy Story”, released cartoon Out (“Exit”), in which the main character was gay. This is the first time in the history of the Studio. Cartoon available for viewing on the streaming service Disney+.