Irina Evteeva – winner of the Venice film festival. In 2002 she got the “Silver lion” for short film “Clown” with the participation of Vyacheslav Polunin. It works in a unique manner, as some say, at the intersection of gaming and animated films. Although it is not so. Alexander Sokurov called it the first and only total artistic author. Her new painting “the Melody of stringed wood” cut verpoest “Ka” of the Russian poet Velimir Khlebnikov and his poem about separated lovers “of Medium and Leyli” (not to be confused with the poem of the Persian poet Nizami’s “Leyli and Majnun”). Ka is the shadow of the soul, its double.

Irina Evteeva not only draws on the glass and making a movie. She is also a Professor and head of the Department of kinofotoinstituta at Saint-Petersburg state Institute of culture. We had to speak in front of overcurrent her students, held online.

You told “MK” about the idea of his film based on the works of Velimir Khlebnikov “Ka” when he arrived at the Moscow international film festival with a picture of “Adventur”. Five years went into creating it?

– a Little less. The picture consists of two parts. First, we filmed the one that was in the second film. It was originally called the “4ka”. But then I thought that it would be too funny. All decide that we are on digital 4K format. In the end I called it “Ka, or the Creation of Velimir Khlebnikov”. We finished it in 2015. The second part of “Medium and Leyli” I started to do in the 2017th. The two parts are connected by the fact that Khlebnikov while walking through the battlefields with his Ka, would fly anywhere, constantly thinking about what needs to create the poem “Leyli and Medium”. So she had called. Please note that the translation of the poem “Leyli and Majnun” by Nizami of the Persian classics were made thirty years after the death of Klebnikov. So Nizami he had not read. As it has arrived to this legend? Hard to say. He beloved meet in the sky like stars from East and West. According to the legend, which fifteen hundred years, and which every Eastern nation has its own interpretation, Leyli married unloved. In our fantasy on the theme of the poem Khlebnikov husband – a king and a warrior, and he prefers it a poor poet. In this part of the hats off to the Parajanov. I did not think that his “Color of pomegranates” in fact – the story of Leyli and Majnun. Leyli all different ways to describe: as beautiful and as ugly. But it doesn’t matter. For the poet it was the most important.

– Your main character – Khlebnikov?

No. Rather a Poet with a capital letter, endowed with the characteristics of Khlebnikov. We can say, lyrical character, which gives him the opportunity to speak in the first person. The poet is not sitting at the table, it is not only aboutpicavet perpetrated them life, but he participates in it. His companions become his characters. “Chairman of the Globe”, the philosopher and the poet Khlebnikov was a perfect child in your life. He stuffed the manuscript of the pillowcase, slept on them. In his diaries is a very characterizing his phrase: “it is Impossible, swimming against the tide, to seek his support.”

– – the Main role was played by the actor of theatre Vladimir Koshevoy, with whom you have worked. Why did you choose it?

– He feels fine. I see him a romantic, though few perceive it so, judging by the roles which he serves in the movie. I’m sorry if its visual, plastic, or the dominant will be found in negative roles. In the performance of Valery Fokin at the Alexandrinsky theatre he plays the role of a young Stalin. Volodya is a man of very interesting, subtle lyricism. The poems of Khlebnikov, he immediately recited. Not everyone could. As always we quickly removed. It was before the New year, has finished 30th or 31st of December. Volodya in the area was attended by only two days.

But behind the scenes all this time there was a great deal of arduous work and preparation?

– Thanks to the screening of the film “the Role” for the festival I have been to various festivals from Kolkata to Vladivostok and Sakhalin. All the travelling then was the scene of my film. I always go with camera at the ready and compose some things. Storyboards are born in my head, “opredelilis” in a particular environment, which is interesting to me. I climbed in the waterfalls, making his way up the cliff wall, and not to fall, I held the tripod and camera. Had the night to step over something strange, to meet in the way, almost leopard. Itself surprised his heroism. In Kazakhstan on the wild trails with me went one girl, and somewhere beyond the pass we waited for the artist of the movie “Igla”. So the environment I had chosen before I began to take off. My technique is very important. I can type in the required image, which I used to look for “among strangers”, in popular science movies. On the one hand I seem to be professionally removed, but work almost on an Amateur basis.

Equipment in the new film is about the same as in the previous pictures?

Not quite. “Adventur” we have already filmed digital. It is now possible to see on the computer what happens to perform certain moves, color and motion. It was easy to make the transparent layer of the characters. Instead of projectors, we used the projectors. “”Medlum and Leyli” I did on a green background. I did not like. Realized that some things still need to remove the black background, to avoid the plane, since it requires a completely different ��echnologie the connection of the characters. The image in the film is reminiscent of Persian miniatures.

What about your lonely poet’s happening?

– In a nutshell not tell. The poet and his Ka are traveling in different times and spaces, are in Lревнем Egypt, among the bird-men on the battlefields of the First world war. And all the while the Poet composes the poem “Leyli and Medium”. As in swarovaski “Ka”, we have four incarnations of the souls of peacekeepers: the Ka of Akhenaten, CA Ashoka (Khlebnikov – Ashoka), Ka Mogul Emperor Akbar, joined by Ka Khlebnikov. They are going to hasten the arrival of book one. And it comes as a scroll, the great word against the war. At the end of his novel Khlebnikov wrote in his St. Petersburg apartment come four Spacecraft and transmit to the Poet a scroll that turns to Leila. She calls the Poet’s Mediuma. So ends our film. Sitting at a table and drink tea four Ka, Leila and the Poet.

And again your characters speak in different languages?

– the film Begins with the language mixing. A word about the fact that love is stronger than anything, as if it didn’t kill sounds in different languages. It’s Arabic, Armenian, Persian, Russian speech competitions. Our characters speak multiple languages. Khlebnikov in the world can simultaneously be in the present, past and future. And space is also not a simple thing. Here he meets the painter Filonov, and he says: “I, too, am at war, not only for space but for time, I sit in the trenches and otymayut the last piece of time.”

As always, are non-trivial way.

– Trivial way for me too expensive. I shoot with almost no money. But give me the opportunity to work, but it’s worth it. I have another picture managed to do. Drew it on frozen Windows. For this work, I caught the coronavirus.