Vegan diet – more and more people take the step and decide to your health and the sake of the environment, to feed a vegan. Also, who decided not to as often as possible on the meat, can make a necessary and reasonable contribution to save the planet.

A Commission made up of 37 nutritional and economic experts from 16 countries asked themselves the question: Can we feed the entire humanity healthy, without destroying the environment? So in the year 2050, expected about ten billion people can eat healthy, without putting the ecological System to Collapse, is a rethink necessary. The proposal by the scientists: humans should only eat 43 grams of meat per day.

Vegan cookbooks like “Vegan cliché ade! The book Compact Knowledge, delicious recipes. Varied diet with the modular system“ – in this week at No. 15 on the IMAGE and the bestseller list – is a great opportunity to go on a culinary journey of discovery.

fear of food exchange

perhaps The biggest hurdle is the fear that there is nothing more ends up on the plate if meat, cheese, Namely, and yogurt must be omitted is. Niko Rittenau taught nutrition as a University lecturer and is the co-founder of the Plant-Based Institute in Berlin. The studied nutrition consultant gives the all-clear: “If you took away the prejudice, you will realize that you can call immediately a whole range of tasty dishes, the plant are already, or very slightly veganisiert can be. Some countries ‘ cuisines, such as Italian, Asian and Indian cuisine to offer very many vegan or predominantly plant-based dishes.“

Add to this that people discover after the diet change, a variety of new foods and cooking methods and recipes-a Portfolio in order to expand.

A lack of mineral substances counteract

There are people who reject a vegan diet, on the grounds that it would be a lack of nutrition. The German nutrition society (DGE), shall appoint a total of five mineral substances as potentially critical in the context of a purely vegan diet: iron, calcium, zinc, Iodine and selenium.

For Niko Rittenau however, this is not a reason to decide against veganism, because what counts is not only how much of these nutrients are eaten, but how well the body can absorb these. This percentage absorption rate is what decides how good or bad the supply fails at the end.