In the draft amendments to the Constitution included a ban on ownership of foreign property, because many parliamentarians and officials would have to abandon her or to leave their posts. About this “Vedomosti”, citing sources in the presidential administration and the Duma.

“the Amendments relating to the nationalization of the elite, is an amendment the President himself, is his theme, for it is important that the officials didn’t have foreign accounts and citizenship, in the future, the authorities could not come to anyone associated with abroad. Foreign real estate still remains, because it is now many politicians and officials. Although I think that at some point, the ban on it may appear in the Federal law”, – quotes the edition of words of the source in the administration.

in the Constitution a ban on foreign citizenship, and account for individuals holding “critical for ensuring the security and sovereignty of the country” posts, Vladimir Putin proposed in his message to the Parliament on 15 January. “The sense of mission of public service is in service, and the person who chooses this path must first decide that he commits with Russia, with our people, and nothing else, no grey areas and assumptions”, – he stressed.

In the end, such a ban will affect the President, parliamentarians, members of government and heads of other Federal agencies, the governors, the Ombudsman, judges and prosecutors. The amendments banning overseas property have been made deputies by Mykola Arefieva (Communist party) and he Slisenko (“United Russia”), but was rejected.