VEB intends to recover foreign assets of Ukraine for the loss of

“Ukraine has completed the illegal expropriation of investments of a Russian investor, finally broke the bilateral agreement on protection of investments, demonstrated to the international community’s unwillingness to abide by international law, flagrantly ignored the decision of the independent Tribunal in Stockholm and clearly demonstrated why you can’t invest in a country where there is no independent judiciary, respect for and protection of the rights of ownership, – said senior Vice-President of the legal part of the web.Russian Igor Krasnov. – We will make all legitimate efforts to offset our losses with the assets of Ukraine on the territory of foreign sovereigns.”

Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich/RIA Novosti Banks have intensified their efforts to prevent inappropriate sales of insurance policies

the Kiev sent in March 2017 sanctions against banks with Russian capital, got under them and Prominvestbank. VEB’s attempts to sell the Bank was not a success – none of the potential buyers could not obtain the permission of the National Bank of Ukraine. In September 2018 the Appellate court of Kiev arrested shares in Prominvestbank and has limited its activities on the suit worked in the Crimea of companies linked to Ukrainian businessman Igor Kolomoisky, in the framework of the implementation of the decision of the International court of arbitration in the Hague for the recovery of compensation from Russia.

In may 2019, the bailiff of the Ministry of justice of Ukraine adopted the decision on sale of arrested shares of the Bank, but in August the claim of the VEB Stockholm arbitration court has banned the sale and ordered Ukraine to compensate to Vnesheconombank expenses incurred. However, in August and September, the Kyiv authorities conducted the first two auctions for the sale of shares, which was declared invalid. In November 2019, the Supreme court of Ukraine dismissed the appeal InEB.Russia and Prominvestbank.

“Ukraine is not property rights, only the right of temporary disposition of an asset, which the state can take without a court order or, in our case, contrary to the decision of international arbitration,” says Krasnov. He recalled that on the web.Russia was the investor who “helped support the economy of Ukraine in the difficult crisis period prevented the collapse of the banking system of Ukraine, to stabilize their billions of dollars of investment in the financial sector of Ukraine”.

By the end of September 2019, the net assets of Prominvestbank accounted for 10.8 billion rubles.