Barely in office, need to replace VBS-Head Viola Amherd management personnel. Philippe Rebord, chief of the army until 2004, he was the chief of the General staff, has a broken hip and foot. Training chef Daniel Baumgartner changes to the Job. Amherd can ride with the followers of your choice. You will be spared what Ueli defendant Mason as Secretary of defense: “here I will lie from morning until evening.”

Mason can only have the former chief of the army, André Blattmann, meant. A mediocre strategist, notorious for his nepotism.

professional military suffer from Déformation professional. You will be trained for the case of an emergency, you simulate only. Fortunately. That would be as if journalists have to write only for a zero number.

Spooky session

The military’s maneuvers to replace the war. In the 1970s, a few Hundred tanks 68 are been procured, the Commission officially declared for “war disabled”. For the maneuvers they were worth all.

It was spooky. This meeting in the Federal house remains unforgettable. Chief of the General staff, Jörg Zumstein behaved in the military Commission, as if he had lost his mind. With the statement that the Swiss would survive a nuclear war. If that was Serious, said I. “Of course,” the Sought after. Switzerland has the best civil protection systems. At some point we have to leave “these holes,” I said. “In what a world we returned?”

a load of donkey fight Is capable of?

The man struggled with the desperate Silence. That’s when I knew, “our” chief of staff, is a security risk. And I term Department heads, who handed over all at once, why is this place always so fast as possible a successor.

SP-national councillor Heidi Deneyş I have experienced as the first woman in the military Commission. They brought high-ranking officers in embarrassment. For example, with the question of whether an infantryman, fully Packed like a donkey, still the fight was not capable of. Viola Amherd does well in this Department as the first woman. The confidence bonus on advance is subject to expectations.

Helmut Hubacher (92) was from 1975 to 1990, President of the SP Switzerland. He writes every other Wednesday.