Mr. Bittner, Mr. Cayman, Werder Bremen managed to do it again to win the club competition in the Virtual Bundesliga. It is in the VBL, in the future, just as boring as in the real League in the past eight years?

Michael Bittner (21): you can play on the many consecutive Championships with FC Bayern. I find inappropriate the comparison. If Borussia Dortmund would play in the next five years in the Bundesliga, everything is in ashes, then would you not also refer to themselves as the FC Bayern in the Bundesliga. Would you say that you are Borussia Dortmund. So it is with us. We are the Werder of eSports. At the moment, we are the Benchmark, the measure of all things in the German FIFA area. With the title defence, we have set a sign.

it come in the eSport at Werder in the coming years, no?

Erhan Cayman (29): It would be presumptuous to say that we will dominate the League for years to come. Clearly, Werder has become a second Time in a row club champion, but the competition is more professional. Until the Start of the new VBL-season months. No one can expect that Werder is every year, so by March.

Agency: , It is often said that it is difficult to get to the top, but it’s even more difficult to stay on top. Last season, the eye on Mo (Ex-team-mate Mohammed Harkous; d. Red.) and to me directed. We had a master-a duty, since we were the two best FIFA professionals. This season was Werder again in the center.

After the victory there was at the Bremen no more photo: Bundesliga Collection via Getty

the trigger was that Harkous Werder left after his Triumph at the world Championships after only a year. Experts were in disagreement as to how well the club would cope with the departure.

Agency: The departure of Mo was a pity, because he is a good player and we have man understood very well. But in the VBL, he was fairly dispensable. The finish has cracked in terms of the championship, therefore, not a big gap for us, especially because the loss was offset by the obligation of Erhan very well. Otherwise, we would not be sitting here with the championship trophy and the Interview.

Mr Cayman, how big are the footsteps in which they had to relate were?

Cayman : I stepped in, no footsteps. I came into a Team where it was previously outstanding and I was immediately taken. After I had become last season with Stuttgart runner-up, was the Motivation to get with Werder to the title, of course, twice as large.

Can be the target for the coming season, again, only the title?

Agency: I’m sure that the club will again spend this season. I think there’s always a little defensive. For me, it is primarily important that we come under, the best six Teams, in order for the Grand Final (the final of the Amateur competition; d. ed.) to qualify for the VBL.