Before the final round of the three-week-Amazon-Synod in the Vatican have applied for the 35 participating women the right to vote. As for the website Religion Digital reported on Saturday, sent the women the previous day a Petition to Pope Francis.

participants in the Amazon-Synod calling for voting rights

On Saturday afternoon should start the voting on the individual paragraphs of the final document of the Synod. Only the 184 bishops were voting participants first provided, which participated in the Synod.

the deliberations of The Amazon-Synod mountains significant Church-political explosives. Given the popularity of the Evangelical churches in Latin America, many Catholics have been pleading for new ways, and on the one hand, the ordination of older, married men to the priesthood to admit, on the other hand, the ordination of women, such as women Deacons.

Thus, it should be possible to find in the vast Expanses of the Amazon territory has enough spiritual for the dispensing of sacraments. The opponents of such innovations rely on the Catholic Church tradition, according to which only unmarried men as priests, consecrated, and then in celibacy have to live with.

In the final document of the Amazon-Synod can enter into the disputed questions, only those formulations, which are supported with a Two-thirds majority. The entire document has only the character of recommendations. It is the responsibility of the Pope in the coming months, and conclusions.

the proponents of The ordination of older, married men – “viri probati” – assert that this model is already a precursor, for example in the conversion of married Anglican priests to the Catholic Church.

exception rules in the celibacy possible

The Vatican do not need to abolish it, according to many supporters of the ordination of married men, the celibate, necessarily, but you can set exception rules. The proponents of the ordination of women point to the fact that already currently, two-thirds of the Catholic communities of the indigenous people in the Amazon region are headed by women.

In the case of the Amazon, the Synod addressed issues of climate change and the fight against poverty, the land expropriation and environmental pollution, as well as the Problem of violence against women. The Pope denounced at the start of the meeting, the greed for profit as the cause of devastating forest fires in the Amazon region. (sda)