we will Remind, the Amur region became the first region of the Far East, where all primary school children receive a free hot Breakfast or afternoon tea (depending on shifts, in which they learn). This procedure is for students in 1st to 4th class introduced from 1 October 2019. Last year this item of expenses from the regional budget was sent to nearly 63 million roubles, and in 2020 – more than 188 million. And expect this amount to increase.

– 2019 was for us a significant. We very carefully collected information. Made the adjustments as the composition of the dishes and their cost, – explained the Governor Vasily Orlov, who in the course of working visits of field mandatory supervised school meals.

visiting the dining room of school №2 in Ekaterinoslavka, the head of the region stressed that the authorities will find ways of the budget, a full to feed all primary school students. In the new academic year the amount allocated to each student in grades 1-4, intend to bring in on average 67 per day. Before the children were provided Breakfast at the rate of 25 rubles in the southern regions of Priamurye and 35 rubles in the North. The regional Ministry of education and science has applied for Federal funding.

– Sure, Federal support will allow us to organize hot meals for schoolchildren at the proper level, – said Vasily Orlov.

the regional Authorities have set a task to eliminate the shortcomings identified by the Ministry in monitoring the use of the free school meals. The main problem is the shortage of skilled chefs, no ten-day menus, consistent with the CPS, as well as the wear and tear of equipment in the kitchens more than 80 percent and the lack of municipal programmes on their upgrading.

– last year, updating the material-technical base of nutrition units and dining rooms of schools was provided in only seven territories, where for the expense of the local budget, purchased and installed equipment with a total value of 15.5 million rubles – cited data, the Deputy Chairman of the regional government – Minister of education and science of the region Svetlana Yakovleva.

for Example, in 2019 in all eight schools of the city Free has updated kitchen appliances. City authorities have purchased ovens, Bain Maries, dough mixers, potato peelers, cupboards, electric boilers. This equipment, unlike the old, fully corresponds to the new SanPiN. According to the mayor the Free of Vladimir Konstantinov, the city budget the purchase cost of 4 million rubles.

At the beginning of 2020, according to the Governor, the government examined the need for schools in the new cooking equipment, so as to form a single application, and after the acquisition transfer AGRegate in the use of educational institutions.

For the purchase of technical innovations from the budget of the Amur region is allocated 30 million rubles. According to the decision of the public Council under the Ministry of education and science, the equipment of schools Arkharinskaya, Belogorsky, Bureya, Zavitinsk, Ivanovo, October, Romnenskaya, Seryshevo, Tambov and Shimanovsky districts. Moreover, the provision delivered and Magdagachinsky district. In school kitchens will establish a professional induction stoves, modern refrigerators, slicers, mixers, electric fry pans and more.

– Need to be addressed such issues as training of staff in the kitchens, not only in terms of quality of cooking and the ability to work on modern technology, – said Svetlana Yakovleva.

the School canteens waiting for a major upgrade, because before they install new equipment in the kitchens will conduct cosmetic repairs, replace electrical wiring and ventilation system. Indoor will purchase the necessary furniture – tables, chairs, cupboards for kitchen utensils.

– the Main task is not just to replace old equipment, the service life of which has expired, and put in its place energy-saving equipment allowing to save useful properties of the products and to save on the cost of electricity, – said the Governor Vasily Orlov. – Texas students must not only eat for free but also qualitatively.