Journalist Lucas Pedrosa, a well-known reporter covering Vasco da Gama, criticized the performance of Galdames in a recent match. The midfielder was selected to start the game by coach Álvaro Pacheco, but according to the SBT commentator, he did not perform well.

“Galdames is a non-existent player on the field. Whether with or without the ball, he doesn’t contribute to any actions. It’s for this reason that Vasco’s midfield is lacking. The team purely relies on intuition. It’s all about passing the ball to Vegetti and hoping for the best.”

Having joined Vasco this season, Galdames has already lost the patience of the fans. The Chilean player previously played for Genoa in Italy.

Despite being given the opportunity to start, Galdames’ performance did not meet the expectations of the journalist. This criticism highlights the importance of each player’s contribution to the team’s overall success. It also raises questions about the effectiveness of the team’s midfield and their strategies during the game.

It is essential for players to actively participate in both offensive and defensive plays to ensure the team’s success. Galdames’ lackluster performance may lead to further scrutiny from both fans and analysts, putting pressure on him to improve in future matches.

As Vasco da Gama continues their season, the spotlight will remain on Galdames and his ability to make a meaningful impact on the team. Only time will tell if he can rise to the challenge and prove his critics wrong.