you’re pushing from the back, you’re blocking the front of the way, you squeeze the side of pure – they are ubiquitous cars on our roads: of the delivery.

This flood, every motorist experienced on the own body, have now to Pay for it. In just the past ten years, arrived in Switzerland 100’000 cars are added delivery. Each year, far redeemed over 30’000 van new, about 370’000 of them driving around at the moment, as data from the Federal documents.

The delivery is a phenomenon of the New Economy reflected. be car That’s not to say about economic philosophers, but the Federal roads office (Astra): “social development with the online orders that you can order today and tomorrow the goods are in the house wants to have.”

Over a thousand accidents and more

result in Stress for the Distributors. “The delivery services are required and are under pressure,” warns the Astra.

the pressure and Stress on the roads will inevitably lead to more accidents. The statistics is clear: From 2011 to 2018, the number of accidents has increased, according to the Astra with the delivery truck by a quarter. Over the years, thousands of accidents and more. 5000 times last year was a delivery truck in the game, if it crashed somewhere.

“has changed in Contrast, the total number of accidents on Swiss roads,” says the Astra. With other words: In the case of the delivery van it crashes very often. “The increasing time and performance pressure on service providers could be a major factor for this increase”, so the Astra.

the fact is, however, that delivery are an integral part cars in the transportation of goods. Meanwhile, twice as many vehicle kilometres with vans like with real trucks.

Everyone with a normal driving licence

it is allowed to work in The industry according to the Motto: the Smaller the charge, for many trips. Downright, the share of delivery vans that drive around with less than a ton of load exploded.

And what exactly is around the told? Surprisingly, dominate goods that are not intended directly for the market. About tools or work material by craftsmen. After that, food, waste and metal consequences. Fifth, only the usual Suspects, such as Postal or all of the package services are popping up.

vans under 3.5 tonnes each is allowed to drive with a normal driving licence. The requirements are low, working hours and rest periods for drivers do not apply. It is dominated according to the statistics, because the private holder. After that, it is mainly the construction sector that relies on the delivery truck.

The delivery truck flood mainly affects the domestic. In transalpine freight transport, you play according to the Federal government a subordinate role.During the counting stations of Bern Forsthaus, Muttenz or Würenlos every day, far more than 100’000 cars are counted in the Gotthard no 20’000. A small consolation for those who are soon travelling by car in the South.