In Heilbronn (D) since the beginning of the year, vandals their mischief. And precisely because of the Federal garden show in 2019 (Buga), a garden show in Germany. Reason for that is the mascot of the show: A garden dwarf by the name of Karl.

Karl is a 160-centimeter-wide plastic figure in bright Pink. After his inauguration in June 2018, the organizers have set up nearly 90 of the cute characters in and around Heilbronn. Since then, the pink dwarf provides for red heads.

A third of the dwarves, destroyed or missing

Not even two weeks after the opening are already destroyed 18 of Charlemagne, a further ten are still missing. Reports the Stuttgarter Zeitung, according to two of the destroyed garden gnomes have been blown up even. The police assume that it is a matter of several pranks by different perpetrators.

The vandals are not only for the organizers of a Nuisance: The company advertising figures, Ulrich Hoffmann, who was able to get the contract for the pink dwarfs, the figures with a high proportion of hand work. “Hand work is still very time-consuming and necessary,” writes the company about working on the Buga-mascot on your website. After all, The Buga organizers still have about 50 of Charles in Reserve.

visitors to pull themselves to the pink garden gnome

The vandalism but also has a positive side: The dwarf comes out just big in the media. Whether the vandals, the newspaper reports on the crime, or Social Media Posts by Buga-visitors – all of tearing and the bright tiny. “Whether it’s because of the media reporting or not: Karl a lot of attention and enjoyed from the very beginning”, says the spokesperson of the Buga.

The show apparently, the Souvenir sales. Because the 160-centimeter dwarf, there is also to Take away in small. In 12 inches or 20 inches-design, visitors can leave the garden gnome in the handbag to go with – without the vandalism. The little Charles please the visitors of big popularity. The Buga spokeswoman confirmed to VIEW.

< p > explosive Buga

The Federal horticultural show in Heilbronn was for 16 years in the planning. She has at 17. April started and will be 173 days open. Almost 144 million have been invested in the project, on the 40 hectare grounds is a colorful mix of exhibitors and Events to attract the visitors.

This is the 35. Buga is a rather small. This year’s theme zukunftsnahes life on the water. About 600000 cubic meters of earth were excavated for the big event up and for the most part been re-installed. On the Area close to the city specialists have found during the construction of more than 13 tons of old combat material and disposed of.