According to the virologist is in order, Marc Van Ranst, it can last at least a year before we are back to a “normalization” of their lives to talk to. That’s what he said at The Event. Festivals such as Tomorrowland this summer to allow them to continue is “not very likely, that it is simply impossible”. Van Ranst also said that young people are still not sufficiently be achieved, and that the communication is compared to the “dreadful” might be.

It was all hands on deck at the time of the Covid-19 and today it is under the control of trying to keep up. “We reach out to some groups is not enough, with all of our communications, including the young people,” said Van Ranst, in The Event. The young people who are currently in the services of intensive care are located, and the artificial ventilation is to be, according to him, some part of the “lockdownparty’s” Friday, the 13th of march, just before midnight, when the severe measures were enacted.

Van Ranst rely on their influencers ‘ to ensure that the group’s objectives: “We are not perceived as being hugely reliable, or as an example of The communication with young people should not, according to him, “daunting”, too. According to the virologist is in order, of the catholic university of Leuven, have the young people to be made clear: This is not a video game. Here, people are really dead.”

for how Long?

after the sporting competitions, but also in the summer, in the compromise? “There will be a lot of measures to cut back when we’re at the peak of the epidemic in that time.” That will ” un-lock “will slicing be done,” said Marc Van Ranst. “But there’s a big massamanifestaties to go all the way to the end of it.”

At the time of, for example, Either“, we can imagine that the biggest problem in our country is over. Hopefully. But then, people are going to be receiving from all over the world… and That’s not even very likely, that it can’t be done.”

all the measures to be taken, it will be for sure in september or October. “And if you wish to speak to you of a full “normalisation”, and I think that we’re going to have to wait for the vaccine. That is, for at least one year. This epidemic will pass away, but we are going to undoubtedly be the next wave to get in. And for that, we are going to have to survive without a vaccine. With more testing, with those who are more ready for it. However, what we are experiencing, we are going to be probably a couple of times.”

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