after the original opponent pulled out just before the proffdebuten to Eggan, Lewis van Pötsch collected in 12. time.

Boxer arrived in Norway the day before weigh in – totally unprepared for what met him.

on Thursday asked Lewis van Pötsch in a large interview with The Guardian, where he tells about his life as so-called “journeyman”.

This is the fighters who are traveling from reunion to reunion and “always” lose.

So far, the british artist has gone all 134 matches. 123 is lost.

never Say no

My role is to go into (in the ring), make a show and dedicate a new talent in boxing. I know what I’m doing in there, when I am going to go tough and when I only to stand the distance. People think it’s like taken out from “Snatch”, where you put yourself against payment in the fifth round, but it is not. We play an important role in the start of a talent career, ” says Pötsch to The Guardian.

the Movie “Snatch” from 2000, take for, among other things, illegal boxing in London’s underworld.

as with all The other “journeymen” started britens boksekarriere with a dream to reach the top. In fact, he won three of his first four matches, according to Boxrec.

After a while he became stressed to sell tickets to their conferences, and when he was offered regular summer away from home, he slipped right into the role of “journeyman”.

The former hairdresser is in the day heisingeniør full-time, and boxes part-time.

He describes himself as a “athlete” in the broadest sense of the word. He likes to take a beer or eat “fish and chips”.

If he is to earn good money, he has to go to many matches. Like three in a month unless a cut gives him a 28-day quarantine.

He always say “yes” – regardless of location or opponent. Just as when he accepted the fight against John Docherty on ten hours notice.

Or when the team of Anders Eggan suddenly rang in 2017.

HESITATED NOT: Lewis van Pötsch went straight to Norway to meet Anders Eggan in the ring.

Photo: Lise Åserud – You need to work your way up

Eggan tells today that Pötsch recently had bokset, and all of the paperwork was in order. That is why he was the only option on such short notice.

the Norwegian realized naturally from the statistics that the opponent was a so-called “journeyman”.

But Eggan refused to underestimate him.

I was thinking more the opposite. We realized that he hit hard, and anything can happen if you are not keeping the attached product, ” says Eggan.

the Thought strikes you: A loss against one with such a record, no matter how good he is, so can the negative recorden hit hard, ” says trønderen.

– Some will say that it is cowardly team?

– You can not only meet the “journeymen”. But you can’t start at 1.-division, either. You need to work your way up as in all other sports. It is a great start for many, and so, it’s about daring to take the steps. Do not choose safe all the way, ” says Eggan, who took his sixth straight victory in march.

Loves to entertain

Eggan does not hide that he was “dritnervøs” before his first proffkamp. But it lasted not long.

Pötsch was so nice and funny when they met before the battle that the british naval forces also disarmed the situation. Eggan remember he went away to the coach and dad and said, “I don’t know if I manage to turn on him. He is so kind”.

– It is almost so I can say that the opponent made me calmer. We were known and talked about where he was from and did. It was not possible to be nervous or lit, ” says Eggan.

From the match, where Eggan won the controlled points, type NTB: “The british artist, however, for the greatest cheers in the audience when he showed up dansefoten in the aftermath of that the bell had rung for the last time”.

the Reason why Pötsch still manages to motivate himself, because he loves the sport and the entertainment.

He is primarily concerned to give the public what they want.

– I love to be pantomime-villain. If it means talking to the audience between rounds, dancing to opponent music, anything. I do it if it gets them to laugh. The audience shouts often to me, for example, “you are a fat motherfucker”, and I just turns me on my stomach, and they love it. Boxers often forget that we are here to entertain, and that is what I love the most, ” says Pötsch to The Guardian.