Rafael van der Vaart has in recent times found out how far the small 300 kilometers, in fact, can feel.

“I miss him terribly,” he says.

To Bild says the former footballer, how it is to be separated from the 13-year-old son, Damian, who lives with ekshustruen Sylvie Meis in Hamburg. Even live Rafael van der Vaart in Esbjerg.

“Unfortunately, he is in Hamburg and can’t travel up to me,” says Rafael van der Vaart, with reference to the current corona-the decommissioning of large parts of Europe.

The current situation has also been the reason for other concerns for the footballer, who ended his career in the premier League.

“My parents are sound and healthy in the Netherlands, but I worry about my uncle in Spain. Here, they may not even go out on the streets without permission,” he explains.

Rafael van der Vaart was because of the relationship to the håndboldspilleren Estavana Polman living in Denmark after karrierestoppet, and they have together a daughter, Jesslyn. And it is not difficult to comply with the recommendations that have come from the authorities in relation to hverdagenes course on, among other things, keep the distance.

“It is not so difficult,” says a former Dutch football player:

“Here on the beach, there is hardly a human being. In Denmark, living there not so many people, and there is not the shadow of larger assemblies.”

the 37-year-old dutchman also remember to enjoy the increased amount of socializing with the family, after all, is in the vicinity.

“Here you can go for lovely walks, sit in the garden and play with our daughter,” says Rafael van der Vaart:

“At present the good time to think about things, and, unfortunately, often happen something bad, before you can properly appreciate his wonderful life.”