Who wants to buy this unique Villa? The luxury property is nestled in the Valser mountain scenery, to overlook, in fact, easy. The views of the Interested parties get first only a typical Grisons barn. On closer Inspection, this turns out to be as well-hidden entrance to the underground Villa in Vals.

According to the description of the sale of entrusted company Engel & Völkers is a concrete Tunnel leads from there, right in the middle of the mountain. “At the end of this purist access, you will receive a modern, today’s requirements and especially the light-flooded living room”, advertises the company on the Immo-Portal Homegate.

the heart of the Villa Vals, the “exceptional” seat – with a direct line of sight to the famous Valser Therme is. Protection from the Wind, offer the terrace “a lot of room and unrestricted views of the with stone slabs covered Walser houses and Chalets, as well as the impressive Valser mountain landscape”.

Well, 4200 Swiss francs rent per week of the holidays

owner and seller of the vacation-property claimed property of the Swiss architect Christian Müller, resident in the Netherlands is, as the Newspapers reports of “CH-Media”. According to this, the sale price was “surprisingly low”. Asked the price, says Müller: “it was Under two and a half million francs, that much I can tell you that.” So far, you could rent his house. In high season a week costs in the caves-Villa with four bedrooms for ten persons, 3850 Euro, the equivalent of well 4200 Swiss francs. The usage is “excellent”. “I know of no object that is so little empty,” says the owner of Müller.

But why would he want to sell this dream property then? The Newspapers Muller says that the sale did not have any financial background. “The reason for the sale is that we want to focus on new projects.”

Immo-company requires 2.2 million Swiss francs

According to the real estate Portal Homegate, the Villa is ten years old. The selling price is 2.2 million Swiss francs. Available: after agreement. Mortgage: from 4145 francs per month.

Whether the caves of the Villa can be rented to a sale or holiday, is unclear. For owners Müller is important that his Villa remains “bookings”, as he says “CH-Media”.

gained International recognition the Villa Vals, thanks to a series of the Streaming provider, Netflix – a tribute to architecture all around the world. In “The most extraordinary houses in the world” will be presented, stunning property. The Dokreise leads from the desert landscape-Arizona (USA) up in the mountains of new Zealand. It also presented Valser property went to the Netflix-Moderator of the language. For the first – and only – Time he had to sit down in the consignment, in order to let the house “work”. (uro)