Joseph Prigozhin has posted on instagram the that network users a storm of positive emotions.

The photo is of happy, smiling from ear to ear producer keeps on the lap of my dear furry Panda.

At first members could not understand how Prigogine was able to access rare animal, and take him in her arms.

But then one of them remembered that in 2015, the singer Valeria was named China’s Ambassador giant pandas, and one animal was taken to Moscow. Apparently, at the time and the photo was taken.

Fans are touched

“Minimiser tipped the scales”, “how lovely!”

But at the same time trying, as is customary in the network to let go of sarcastic jokes. However, they turn out quite good-natured.

“Hmm… Valeria has changed!”, “Little brother”, “Bear with bear”, “Illegitimate?”, “Valery spell”.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Latin singer Natalia Oreiro wants to receive the passport of the Russian Federation, but permanently living in Russia is not planned, as she said in an interview.

These words Natalia drew criticism in social networks.

Joseph Prigozhin has decided to publicly support the singer.

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