Valery Solovey: Russia 1 600 was confirmed by analyses of deaths from coronavirus

Valery Solovey Hospital corps in Kommunarka, where they put patients with suspected coronavirus, March 14, 2020 Valery Solovey
Echo of Moscow / YouTube Hospital block in Kommunarka, where they put patients with suspected coronavirus, March 14, 2020
Photo: Sophia Sadurska / AGN “Moscow”

well-Known Russian political analyst Valery Solovei said the radio station “Echo of Moscow”, which, according to him, the Russian authorities are hiding the true extent of deaths from the coronavirus.

“you should Not believe the reports that the coronavirus passed the Arctic wilderness called the Russian party. This is an absolute lie. The number of deaths from the coronavirus confirmed not less than 1,600 in the Russian Federation in the whole country since mid-January of this year,” – said Valery Solovey. “A simple explanation. You remember the story of Chernobyl, the story of the flood in Krymsk. We always hide, always,” said Nightingale.

According to the analyst, they contained the numbers of deaths from coronavirus confirmed by the tests. “And unconfirmed, I do not say,” added the Professor.

host asked him where he got such information, he replied that, fortunately, “not all officials have lost the conscience.”

It also uncovered a scheme, how the authorities are able to gloss over the mortality data from coronavirus:

“Absoluteon easy, if make a diagnosis of community-acquired pneumonia. Die because in the vast majority – this is true again for all of the countries where the coronavirus that causes older people, it is diagnosed with associated with concomitant diseases…”

This, according to the analyst, is in order to “demonstrate that our country from this scourge free, and management we have political, public and medical great.”