Valeria and Prigogine stood up for Todorenko

Singer Valeria and her husband producer Iosif Prigozhin, stood up for the leading “eagle and Tails” Regina Todorenko, devoid of Glamour magazine previously the title of “woman of the year”. Their position, they explained, “the”.

According to spouses, Todorenko has the right to stumble, however, the poison of lead is not necessary, as she apologized for his words.

“this means that all” — said Prigogine.

Todorenko was stripped of the title “woman of the year”

The producer said that Valeria refers to those who try to justify domestic violence very strictly.

“she was clearly outraged, but today she has all the questions have disappeared” — he said.

In his own opinion, Todorenko has made the scandalous statement by negligence.

Previously, Regina todorenko in an interview with Peopletalk on YouTube said that women can be guilty that they are beaten.

“Your husband beats you, why do you not think? What did you do to ensure that he did not beat you?” — said TV presenter. She later apologized for his statement.