The 42-year-old Hungarian flew in on Thursday afternoon with a paraglider from the Corvatsch in the Val Roseg. He wanted to bivouac in one of the ice caves in the valley at the foot of Vadret da Roseg and on Friday to Pontresina run. On Thursday evening, he sent pictures of his landing, as well as from a cave.

On Friday, he was reported missing. On the same day a Rega Crew noted together with rescuers during a search flight, an avalanche. This was triggered by a recently collapsed ice near the glacier tongue of Vadret da Roseg and had gone to the ice caves.

Ungar has not yet found a the size of has been spilled part and filled. Four rescuers of the SAC section Bernina, including a dog handler, went on Saturday morning. Due to the danger to rescue workers in the search had to be set to work.

people who can make findings as to the avalanche, please inform the police of the Canton of Graubünden (telephone 081 257 76 80).