Thanks to the business support measures that are approved by Sergei Sobyanin, entrepreneurs can not pay the rent of urban land and property at least from 1 March to 30 June inclusive. Fines and other penalties according to the lease contracts will not be awarded.

At the moment this measure was used by more than 12 thousand entrepreneurs of Moscow, including those working in the field of catering.

to cancel payments, employers have until 31 December this year to send to the Department of city property of circulation in a free form, photos, confirming the actual activity of the lessee, and the order on suspension of work in accordance with the laws. Applications are accepted through the “Electronic reception” on the portal and mail.

“the public catering Enterprises, which can obtain the support of the city, located almost in all districts of the capital, it is the operators of all possible formats of public catering — cafes, snack bars, canteens, bars and restaurants, which have concluded contracts of lease of non-residential space for a period of one year to 10 years, and land for up to 49 years”, — said Minister of Moscow Government, head of city property Department, Maxim Gaman.

asked For help and also the owners of the 54 stores that rent space or land from the city. They have issued rent-free period by almost 50 million rubles. Trade of inedible goods in Moscow resumed work from June 1.

anti-Crisis measures, which support the company during pandemically and medium businesses will receive 288 million rubles of subsidies

the System of measures to support the capital’s businesses and residents of the city today is comprised of 19 Federal and 49 of the Moscow financial instruments. So, small and medium entrepreneurs, the state will pay 12 130 rubles per employee. The money you get business from the list of the most affected sectors, they can be spent for current expenses. In addition, small and medium businesses in the affected sectors of the economy are entitled to receive a six-month deferral of payments on credit agreements and payment of rent.

In addition to Federal support, the Metropolitan government adopted three packages of measures developed in cooperation with businessmen. The organization of the spheres of public catering, tourism, culture, sport, leisure and hospitality industry has received a deferral of taxes and trading fees. Freed from payment of rent of city property for the second quarter of organizations were forced to stop work. Under the second package of measures expanded the list of such companies, have also introduced subsidies to small and medium enterprises, exporters and franchisees, soft loans to young companies. The third package of measures poddan entitlement business expanded credit decisions, help developers, hotels, cinemas, additional education institutions, sanatoriums, social entrepreneurs and small business that reacquires rented from the property.

in addition, in may the Government approved the programme of pilot testing of innovative solutions. Defined a new order of assignment of capital to manufacturing companies status of the “Moscow investor”.