we are located in Switzerland: 8,46 million houses in Japan are empty – a record! Accordingly, the vacancy rate is 13.6 percent, as “Bloomberg”, citing a Japanese government study, writes.

What are the reasons for the Extremely-vacancy? Japan’s population is old and shrinking. Today, approximately 126 million people live on the island. Since 2010, there will be less and less. However, new houses are built. The logical consequence: It is not there are enough residents for all properties.

Furthermore, fewer Japanese live in the countryside, it draws you into the cities. Therefore, rural areas such as the holiday region of the Mount Fuji are excessive from the vacancy concerned.

Almost free to own a home

The development is likely to continue. So experts assume that the population shrinks until the middle of the century to 20 percent. Even if no new houses were built, will increase the vacancy rate.

From the empty for a bargain can benefit a hunter and a gifted craftsman. So-called Akiya – Japanese for abandoned houses – there is free of charge. Only taxes and brokerage fees must pay future owners. Therefore, there are certain objects already from 4000 Swiss francs. However, in many cases, extensive renovation work is required. (jfr)