“In Secret, do Good”, with this Slogan, the Constitution promotes the protection of offspring. But obviously don’t want to make enough for Federal civil service in Secret. The Federal news service at the end of August 970 positions were vacant, at the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution, there are currently more than 1,000 open positions. The internal documents of the Federal court of auditors, from which it is quoted by The mirror.

Accordingly, there is a lack of the services, especially to those with knowledge of foreign languages, and Candidates from the so-called Mint subjects mathematics, Informatics, natural science and technology. BND and the protection of the Constitution and we search for employees with a secondary school diploma for the average, non-technical, thus, the normal Supervisors and agents.


The BND is the biggest Problem that not enough employees from the old location Pullach wanted to move in the new to Berlin.

The protection of the Constitution should continue to grow in the coming years. The Recently dismissed chief Hans-Georg Maaßen, had planned a doubling of its authority. This means that by 2022, more than 2,900 Bodies in BfV.

The BfV advertises in Viewing Applicants. Now, the authority should try a new way. According to mirror external Headhunter to help find suitable employees.