Viktor Tikhonov, forced the whole world to play by their rules, would have turned 90 leton somehow weighed his medals and awards, there were almost 30 kg. none of them Tikhonov and not washed properly.Wife told me that in 61 years of life together has seen her husband drunk only twice: the first after meeting with the future father, the second — in the beginning, when the high offices of the fate of the hockey CSKA. All. Even when Brezhnev, who came to the ice Palace to watch the game with the Finns, proposed to overturn a glass of champagne in honor of its 75th anniversary, Tikhonov abstained.But before candy Victor couldn’t resist. Whatever was in the vase — all were eaten. He once as a child in one sitting can of condensed milk received by the card gobbled up. Read a book and imperceptibly, spoon for spoon… my Mom came home, saw the empty jar and began to cry. Condensed milk for a month it was necessary to stretch. Lived on the Sukharevka — a place with a bad reputation. Bandits, hooligans. Mom constantly repeated: “Victor, just do not steal.” And he somehow managed to not roll on a curve path, and in Sokolniki is there in the first summer after the war, wanting wrote in the football section. Then there was Russian hockey. And then the rest of your life — hockey stick and puck. “I have always Tikhonov third — laughed wife Tatiana. — Stick — first, puck — second”.And there was a pencil. Every match is a new entry in the notebook. It this notebook is often put on the nightstand beside the bed — and suddenly the night comes the idea. Even reading fiction, Tikhonov made some notes. “The coach needs to learn every day at all, — he explained. — I watched as conducting rehearsals of the ensemble of Moses… So all is brilliantly organized. In “the contemporary” Galina Volchek after the performance talked, touching on the theme of talent.”

The great dictator. Victory and defeat Viktor Tikhonov
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At age 38, as head of Riga “Dinamo” held somewhere in the second League, Tikhonov came up playing in four lines instead of the usual three: “To the players level for 40 seconds was performed in a volume of actions, as previously, for more than a minute. And thereby forced the opponent to rush to be wrong”. The idea was not appreciated neither Tarasov, nor Chernyshev, who once saw a Tikhonov coaching talent… “If I then told someone that it would take a dozen years, and at the Canada Cup the cream of canadian and American professional hockey will play in the four sections that this experience borrow, I would be ridiculed,” wrote then Tikhonov.”Dynamo” it from the “basement hockey” dragged to 4th place in the championship of the USSR (what with Riga three decades did not happen) and it took the Moscow team (which, unheard, slipped to bronze at the world Championships-77) and CSKA (wanted to Leonid Brezhnev). In the capital Tikhonov not tried in Latvia, the climate is good, the son of Basil the school, but… Andropov, causing the coach to himself, he hinted: “In this office did not refuse.””Gold” the world championship the national team Tikhonov back (1978 and 1979), and then something happened the “miracle on ice”, which the Americans will remove the film. Sensational defeat of the USSR team from the USA (3:4) in the final of the Olympics-80 Tikhonov… then when the score was 2:2 at the gate decided to replace Tretiak for Myshkin. The coach took years to admit this error. And then crushed Tretiak was sitting in the Olympic village of lake Placid and thought about how to put the point in his career: “It was a shame. We were afraid to fly to Moscow…” However, Tretiak did not dare to quit hockey. Not resigned as coach of the national team, and Tikhonov. He, contrary to forecasts, has informed the Central Committee that “the credit of trust is not exhausted.”Lesson 80-th Tikhonov carefully studied. Notepad for Notepad, and it appeared the “red car” (the five Makarov, Larionov, Krutov, Fetisov, Kasatonov), which in our time will be declared the best team ever released on the Olympic ice. Games in Sarajevo-84 — the gold. Calgary-88 — “gold”. Albertville-92, a month after the collapse of the Soviet Union — the “gold”… And then Tikhonov will not be in the team, and the team 26 years will not be among the winners of the Olympic games.Tikhonov once brought jeans from abroad, so never wearing them. Undignified. Could a man in jeans to say the words: “the team selects only players who will defend the honor of Soviet sport, not considering their health”. How not to reckon with it, can tell many. Here Nikolai Vakurov: “Such training was arranged that the next day the guys were throwing up… Blood was peeing in the order of things it was. The preparation is crazy that we most rivals physics took.” Alexander Maltsev: “Almost everyone who worked with Tikhonov, the trouble with the lower back. From Tikhonov rod — to 100 kg on the shoulders put, to 200”. He could beat players with apartments, day care, helped them to get out of the stories… But would be easy to remove from the team anyone considered it unnecessary.”Tikhonov elementary people from the team was loose. I when it went against him, lost the opportunity to go to the Olympics in Sarajevo — said Maltsev. — Something Tikhonov with Kharlamov happened, and he did not take it at the Canada Cup. In General, in Canada we went without him. Landed at the airport, met the Swedish judge. “Crashed your Kharlamov in the accident, says. — Death”. Me and a couple players went to Tikhonov and asked Moscow to fly to the funeral. At his own expense. Tikhonov from��AZAL, said, “Such Harlamova many more will be!”At the end of the 80’s “red car” rebelled against its designer. Here is the publicity, and there — over the ocean to the NHL all promise sweet contracts. “You, Victor, has become in recent years a sort of hockey monarch: you want to punish, you want mercy!” — wrote Larionov in “Ogonyok”. “We for Tikhonov — ice robots. I’m tired of his dictatorship,” said Fetisov in “MK”… the Time will put everything in its place. Fetisov returned from America, and they will once again be on the same team. Fetisov is President of CSKA. Tikhonov in the same place — the President of the honorary.* * *Grave, who escaped to America, somehow dropped in an interview: “Tikhonov nobody likes. Only his wife and poodle”. The coach replied: “I don’t have to love players. Respect, Yes, but not love. So there are Pets, and it leads to a split”.Complex, demanding, discreet. His wife first saw crying in 2013. Tikhonov was 83 years old. “I never thought that Victor could cry… He could not stop after the funeral.” Buried son of Basil (accident, fell from the window of his apartment — I wanted to cut a piece of the protective façade grid that covered an overview).

Catch up and overtake? What made the children and grandchildren of the stars of the Russian sports
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And the tears in the eyes of Viktor Vasilievich you can see the footage from the world championship — 2014 in Minsk, where he went absolutely sick for six months before death. The Russian team then won, and the grandson of Viktor Tikhonov became the best scorer of the tournament. In the locker room he put the grandfather in the chest the gold medal. Apparently, the main in heaven decided that this main on the ice deserve such a gift. Because never betrayed hockey, betrayed his profession.