Famous former football commentator, and now a popular blogger and journalist Vasily Utkin, answering questions, YouTube subscribers, he spoke about his relationship to feminism.

“Feminism for me is a movement of idiots mostly. But again, it is an active part. Women need to protect and promote their rights. I do not like it, but I don’t have this live, this is not my Cup of tea.

Periodically had clashes with some feminists. Insignificant matters. Conflicts arose because people did not want to show any understanding to the meaning of these words. So I said that it is destiny, I think, minded women mainly. But I may be wrong, can be mistaken. It’s my right.

with regard to women in the army, I have nothing against it. There they serve, and law enforcement too. Want — let them serve. It is a question of free time,” said Utkin.