netizens showed burns strange shape on the body and is amused by commentators for his images. For photos and remarks of followers on social media drew the attention of the journalists of the Daily Star.

for example, a few men have posted footage of charred legs. One of them showed tan in the cell, which was formed after the sun exposure in rubber Crocs shoes. While another took a picture of your white feet, leather which differed in color from skin on the feet in General.

Photo published @sunburn_fails

Usersa eBaum’the social network’s World, in turn, has published a collage with a bad sunburn. In the first photo she’s posing in one piece bathing suit with cutouts, and the second shows the received tan in this unusual shape. The same problem was faced the other woman: top with slits left burns in the form of squares on its back.

in addition, the heroes of the material showed the result of an incorrect application of sunscreen: their bodies were left white marks, because the tool was not distributed on the skin evenly. At the same time, other users had spent too much time in the sun wearing pants, so the top of their body is tanned significantly more than the lower.

Under some posted in Instagram pictures of commentators ridiculed their authors. “They just made my day, Nice to know that some tan went even worse”, “Girl back in the cage in the first place in my personal top”, “It’s very funny,” said they.

In June, sunburns are a strange shape on the feet of men laugh network users. Briton Lewis reed (Lewis Reed) refused to apply sunscreen and showed the charred skin on Twitter. Members laughed at his post and compared body parts with reed pink-white candy manufacturer Drumstick.