As for many of the participants resulted in the project “5 things I will do first thing after mode isolation”, on the first place among readers of News turned out to be vacation and meeting friends.

in the Spring of 2020 pandemic coronavirus drastically changed life of people around the world. For several months everything was closed on houses without the ability to walk freely, have fun and work. But it is precisely the inaccessibility of many of the ordinary things that made people to appreciate the simple pleasures of life.

In may, when several countries began to undermine the regime of isolation and to lift restrictions in Russia, too, began to prepare to return to a normal life. News launched a special project which asked celebrities, what 5 things they’ll do first thing after isolation.

Tina Kandelaki, Vyacheslav Petkun, Tatyana Bulanov, Andrey Grigoriev of Apollo, Sati Kazanova, Sergey Stillavin, Tasha Strict and many other celebrities have recorded videos in which he shared his plans and dreams after returning to a normal life.

in Addition, news also launched a survey among the users of the service, which was attended by nearly 7.7 thousand people.

Among the most popular plans following the isolation — holidays and travel (14%), walking around the city (13.5 per cent), meetings with family and friends (13.4 per cent), trips to beauty salons (11,9%) and going to work (8,7%).