On the road stand out at any price – can be expensive, but sometimes also amazingly cheap!

A car says a lot about the personality of the driver: the Grey mice are supported, for example, with a VW Golf well – but who is guaranteed to draw in the mass all the attention, takes one of these carriages, which are offered in the used car portal mobile.de just for sale.

Design Porsche

260 HP six-cylinder boxer engine makes, but the Chassis can withstand even 350 HP, writes the seller photo: mobile.de

Porsche is extremely cautious when it comes to naming rights – no wonder, after all the Weißacher car maker is one of the most valuable brands. However, for the Designer Jean Chanabe you made an exception: His father was a Porsche dealer in Toulouse. So it was allowed the son to call the racing cars from his pen Porsche.

The car is fit to drive: 260 HP from an original 911 six-cylinder. “Ready to Race”, as the provider of Osnabrück formulated it. You only need to can pay for: A Million is required, but the price is negotiable…