Contents page 1 — “We don’t feel welcome” page 2 “America is much colder” page 3 — “I don’t feel as an American” page 4 — “The people have become racist” page 5 — “you will always be perceived as foreigners” On one side, Mark Scantlebury, 40, an engineer from Guyana

read “I don’t feel as Guyaner as Americans. Until last year, I waited to apply for citizenship. I came here in 1989 with my parents in the USA. Whether you came here looking for a better life, I don’t know. But to be honest, if Yes, then you have found it here.

For many immigrants, America is Paradise. But if you are here, you will see that it is. When I was a child back in Guyana, all thought, we would bring a lot of gifts. But that is not so. And the adults who want to live the American dream – I believe that more and more people realize that this is a dream here. And those who try to come here are not welcome.

traveling has opened my eyes, I have been, for example, in Austria in particular. So things fall on me today, in the USA, I have not seen before. I have two children and cannot wait to travel until you start. There is so much more to the world than just America. Other countries have more to offer.

In the USA, racism is omnipresent. I try to not to get close to me. I Recently bought a house in New Jersey, and friends told me I would have picked a ‘white’ area. At the beginning I looked at the actual oblique. Racism there was here always, but in previous years he had suppressed as under. Now Donald Trump is in Power, and he is a veritable mascot for racists. It’s like with parents and their children: ‘If you’re doing it, why I can also it not?’

I think, honestly, that Trump never wanted to be President. He has not the faintest idea what he’s doing. But everything he says and does gets attention. He is now the center of the world. I think that you like him.

Since the congressional elections, Trump has become a little quieter. I have the feeling that he is planning something Big. That’s what Worries me. Fortunately, it is over almost, more than half of his term has already passed. A positive effect is that many countries have become more sceptical and independent, with regard to the United States. You no longer look at America as a beacon of hope.”