USA Russia expressed dissatisfaction because of the incident with the su 35

WASHINGTON, 16 APR – RIA Novosti. USA Russia expressed “dissatisfaction” span su-35 a few meters from a patrol of American aircraft over the Mediterranean sea, said the commander of the European command of the U.S. armed forces and the commander of the NATO forces in Europe, General Todd Walters.

“It was obviously frustrating as you can imagine. I watched the video and researched the intentions of (Russian pilot – ed.). My conclusion at the moment – it was more unprofessional than on purpose. We have an ongoing investigation, it is ongoing,” Walters said at the briefing.

“Mission to Moscow has already started discussions with the authorities in Moscow to make clear our dissatisfaction with this event,” added Walters.

the U.S. Navy has previously stated that April 15, the U.S. aircraft P-8A Poseidon flying in international airspace over the Mediterranean sea, was intercepted by a Russian su-35. The U.S. military said su-35 carried out the flight at high speed upside down at a distance of 25 feet directly in front of the American plane that was felt in the result of turbulence. The US military said that the actions of the Russian pilots were “irresponsible”, and claimed that the American plane “had not provoked the Russian actions”.

the Russian defense Ministry has repeatedly stated that the flights by Russian aircraft are performed in strict compliance with international regulations use of airspace.