The attorney General of the United States William Barr, spoke at the hearing in the legal Committee of the house of representatives. He said that Russia may intervene in the US presidential election that will take place in 2020.

Thus he answered the journalists ‘ question about whether Russia, in his view, to implement such an attempt, reports “Interfax”.

I think we should assume that they can, trying, he said.

Barr also noted that he is confident in the intervention of Moscow or such attempt in the last presidential election held in 2016.

However, he said he believes the scandal with the Russian intervention in the American elections were fabricated. He found serious irregularities in the conduct of this case.

Wrote ahead of a vote in 2016, many American media and experts have suspected trump in relations with Russia, but in four years of presidency policies have not only preserved the sanctions against Russia, but also tightened. The United States also began a trade war with China and the European Union, abolished the nuclear deal with Iran.