The state Department plans to allocate funds to support China activities aimed at “clarifying” the people of China features of foreign policy, values and culture of the United States. According to the grant description, which read RT, to Finance each of the projects within this program can be directed to $150 thousand.

“the Department of public relations of the United States mission in China… the U.S. Department of state announces an open competition for organizations to submit applications for programmes in support of activities aimed at explaining to the people of China’s foreign policy, values and culture of the USA”, — stated in the text of the grant.

Priority in the framework of this initiative, as noted in the document will be activities related, in particular, with the promotion of “free and fair bilateral trade, intellectual property protection,” and providing “aid in the understanding of the benefits of free and open Indo-Pacific region.”

In addition, program participants will be involved in the work on “facilitating the exchange of views” on regional security in East Asia. In this context, inter alia, to discuss the issue of combating the spread of nuclear weapons.

To apply for participation in the contest have the right individuals, educational institutions, as well as American and Chinese nonprofit organizations, including institutions of civil society and think tanks.

The document stresses that the project will not be considered proposals for the implementation of similar programs in Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan.

Earlier it was reported about the state Department plans to provide to residents of Moldova more information about politics of the United States.

It was assumed that the main task of the relevant programme will be the implementation of initiatives promoting “mutual understanding between Americans and Moldovans”.