USA – coronaries

Suspicious that the President trump too Intrusive coronavirus called “Chinese”. He thereby, on the one hand, wants to offend China, but probably hiding something. Nevertheless, such an obsession in the United States was seen, though there is the ocean and many other topics.

new York- the center of the epidemic of coronavirus in the United States. Nearly 8,000 confirmed cases. On the usually crowded square, times square — rare tourists. Tonight she will finally be empty. The Governor of the state actually transfers the largest city in America to quarantine. With 20 hours of March 22 to leave the house only out of necessity. Shop owners are preparing for the worst. Here paint tightly boarded up the window.

to Work to allow only grocery stores, pharmacies and restaurants, which deliver food at home or prepare to go, as Philip Bozzo. In the current situation, even with the new York mayor is unlikely to help his business.

“It’s very hard for people who work for us. We try to pay the fine, but people live from check to check, and as soon as this disease spreads, everyone is scared about what will happen next,” said restaurateur Bozzo.

Similar calls in the office, Anthony Marmo lately lower Its recruiting Agency is now holding due to the demand for nurses. For other professions as downhill. Two million of 250 million Americans, according The Goldman Sachs, was left without a job last week. And this is only the beginning.

“it May be of the order of 30-40% unemployment will be disastrous for the economy. If the situation with the virus will be worse, businesses will be forced to curtail their activities and, therefore, unemployment will be even higher”, — said Marmo.

what is Happening already picked out a name – “coronaries”. That recession is coming, trends researcher Gerald Celente spoke the last three years. According to recent reports, cuISIS already covered a third of the world economy. Its growth for the year in the best scenario will be less than 0.5%.

“Bank of Americ announced that we are entering a recession. Recession?! We are entering into the greatest depression. It will be much worse than in the 1930s. We go through this that we have not seen in modern history. In the 30s the population was 2 billion people. Now — 7.7 billion,” said Celente.

There is, however, and the “Golden billion”, in which besides there is a particularly privileged stratum. It includes four U.S. senators, including the head of the intelligence Committee. After a classified briefing in Congress, where he voiced the bleak predictions, all four abruptly began dumping shares on the stock market, where recent actually happened “black Monday” of 1987. One day the Dow Jones fell by 10% and continues to fall until now.

the trump called the ongoing war. Going to act according to the laws of wartime. One — from 1950-the year that passed was on the eve of the Korean war — trump and have used. Defense Production Act gives the President the right in manual mode to transfer the economy on a war footing.

However, the cold war (in spite of the virus against which it would do well to join), as it was, and goes on. One of the photographers spotted among trompowsky mark this one. The President of the United States before the next briefing, the US deliberately replaced the word “crown” the word “Chinese” in the name of the virus.

However, one of China’s list of countries with which Washington is trying to settle scores under the guise of plague, is not limited. The same tramp for the first time generally called the epidemic a fake, and now, when America lost precious time, to blame for the alarming reports declared Moscow, Beijing and Tehran. They say that no virus is spreading across the country, and malicious Internet bots spread alarming rumors minds.

Inirus the virus, and runs on a schedule. Here in Hawaii the night sky over the Pacific ocean successfully shoots the new hypersonic missile C-HGB. Everything in it: and warheads, and heat shields. You can apply both on land and at sea, regardless of the epidemiological situation.

I wish the us military helped covered the epidemic in new York complains about mayor bill de Blasio. He is a Democrat. A former candidate for the candidates of this party. From the selection he is out. Left two. Senator socialist Bernie Sandres and Joe Biden, who in the third super Tuesday won important nominations Florida, Arizona and Illinois. In Ohio the vote was canceled because of the coronavirus. The disease is an important part of the campaign.

According to conferencing (meeting face-to-face with voters and journalists canceled) Biden makes a diagnosis trunovskom the presidency. But, as in medicine, anywhere without a second opinion. In this case, survey data. 55% of Americans approve of the way the US President and his team confront the pandemic. In the fall, closer to the election, these figures are for trump will mean even more.

an Interesting addition to the news from the United States. The us government is petitioning for the termination charges against a group of Russian companies “Concord”. Earlier the case was instituted in connection with the suspicion of interference in elections. This means the inevitable closure of the case without the possibility of renewal. That is not worth starting the process if so ignominiously to finish it.

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