Impatient Donald Trump occurs at the lectern in the press room of the White house from one foot to the other. Defiantly, he contorts the mouth. “Is it realistic to loosen the restrictions of public life already Easter?”, want to know a Reporter.

Whether the Plan was discussed with the Corona-experts from the government, will Trump asked more. “How did you come up with this idea and this schedule, due to the surge of sick pay?”, calls on another Reporter in the room.

The political Washington reacted shocked. The renowned political scientist Darrell West of the Washington-based think tank Brookings Institution, says what many are thinking: “Trump seems to care less about the health risks for the American population as that an economic crisis could endanger his re-election.”

Jimmy Carter lost his re-election in 1980 because of a weak economy, George H. W. Bush, twelve years later.

Now, Donald Trump, has always defined itself through economic growth and record levels in the stock market is feared to suffer the same fate.

Trumps lack of empathy

A dangerous subject at times, in which the country’s leadership needs – and empathy. “A property of Trump have never been able to,” says Darrell West.

a Lack of strong leadership in times of crisis, make the crisis even worse than she was already, and bring the worst qualities in the people to the fore, adds the analyst.

“The country needs to get back to work”, is Trumps Motto. Among his advisers, it is said, the fear of social unrest grows supposedly, if the economic crisis deepens and the supply chains are sustainably disturbed.

That’s unlikely, says Brai Odion-Esene, policy analyst and consultant in Washington. There are enough possibilities to keep in spite of the limitation of the public life of the Goods and freight traffic on the move.

Almost two trillion for the U.S. economy

trump’s Plan was premature. “Of course, the government should work behind closed doors on contingency plans for all eventualities to be prepared, but you don’t speak in Public about it,” says Brai Odion-Esene.

he finds the rescue package for the US economy worth almost two trillion dollars that is currently being debated in the US Congress: “If you remain tell people that they should at home, you will need to compensate you for the loss of income.”

Meanwhile, there has been talk of a rescue package that could be marketed in the next few weeks on the way.

Donald Trump is not alone with his idea to leave at least parts of the country return to normal. “The fight against the Corona Virus, perhaps worse than the disease itself?”, David Katz asked from the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, a medical research institution Yale University, in a recent Opinion piece for the New York Times.

He warned of the social and economic consequences of the pandemic and argued, in the long term, it would be helpful to isolate the most vulnerable groups of the population, than the country as a whole to lock up at home.

in the game

“clearly, it’s a minority opinion,” says Professor Ron Waldman, an expert in international health policy at the George Washington University. Only if it is completely impossible, “to practice Social Distancing”, that would be the thrust of Katz is an Option, doesn’t believe Waldman to go around in densely populated regions of South Asia or Africa, where many people are day laborers and simply can not afford to work.

In the United States, however, because he is sure to be remain in the surface of the deck at the end of bidding, home, and Social Distancing of the more promising Avenue.

You should let the Virus die out: “If the Virus can no longer skip from Person to Person, it will stop the spread. The Best thing we can do now, is to interact as little as possible with other people interact,” says Waldmann.

trump’s plan would have the opposite effect: “If the President makes his announcement and Easter, the economy is driving back up, many more people will die.”

A Rebellion against Trump?

can’t prescribe so easy for Donald Trump to be “back to business”. “He would experience a Rebellion of his health experts”, the political scientist Darrell West for sure.

And furthermore, there are the the mayors and governors who have in the fight against the Corona-Virus has far-reaching competences and this also increasingly use.

“Trump would see an almost United Front of local politicians to,” said West. “You’re all in the same boat and will tell the President that you find his price is simply wrong.”

author: Alexandra Took

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