The foreigners that were in Brazil in the last 14 days, can be a source of additional infection with a coronavirus, confident in the White house.

The US President Donald trump has suspended the entry into the country for foreigners, who for the last 14 days visited Brazil, where he began the rapid growth of disease coronavirus.

“the Campaign will help ensure that foreign citizens who were in Brazil, did not become a source of additional contamination (cov) in our country,” – said White house spokesman Kaylee Makineni

Clarifies that the restrictions do not apply to trade flows between the countries, RIA Novosti reported.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, in Brazil, has registered more than 347 thousand cases of coronavirus. Thus the country took the second place after the USA, which recorded the highest number of infected. The number of deaths in Brazil reaches 20 thousand.

The number of people infected with coronavirus in the world has exceeded 5.2 million people. According to the world health organization, only for last days COVID-19 sick more than 100 thousand.

According to may 24, in Russia, 344 481 case of infection, 113 299 recovered, 3541 the patient died.