Beto O’rourke wants to challenge 2020 Donald Trump. The shooting star of the Democrats, announced on Thursday his presidential candidacy.

in order to be a part of Beto, as he is called by friend and foe, in a long list. 14 politicians want to go for the Democrats in one and a half years at the Start. But in the end, only one will compete against Trump. And from the point of view of the Democrats that someone should say, Beto O’rourke. With it, you would have realistic chances of four more years of Donald Trump’s turn.

the father of The family proved in the past year, the mid-term elections, which is why he is the best candidate. Beto electrified the crowds that gathered about $ 70 million in donations. His events were sold out to capacity – scenes-applause and spontaneous cheering included.

In the race for a Senate seat in Texas, he managed to bring the Republican incumbent, Ted Cruz to the edge of defeat. Although Beto moved, ultimately, just Shorter, but he has United the conservative state as many votes, as long as no democratic candidate more in front of him.

Beto has proved in November of 2018, all: I’m in Trump-Land.

Beto could also be Conservative to convince

With its cool, relaxed and authentic way he speaks many Americans that are tired of the political infighting and the insults of the Trump Era. Betos Charisma and his speaker qualities are reminiscent of Barack Obama, therefore, he was awarded the Nickname “the white Obama”.

The young voters Beto has it in the bag. He’s skateboarding, playing guitar in a rock band and would like to legalize Cannabis at the national level. The heart of the Latinas and Latinos to fly him as well: Beto a couple of sets of speaks at Events again and again in Spanish. And the voters in the middle, as well as some Conservatives who are not Trump-trailer, could be friends with him. Because Beto is regarded as a moderate, has voted in his time in the house of representatives and conservative.

he wants to be a President for all, he noted in his announcement on Thursday. All Beto-Like from the living room sofa, with wife Amy at his side, he explained the unification of the country as a Central goal. Beto promised a “positive campaign” that would “listen” to rural America to take care of. Migrants he wants to say with “open arms welcome”.

Betos Problem: The Trend in the democratic party,

Joe Biden is expected to be Betos worst adversary in the primaries. Although the former US Vice President has not announced his candidacy yet, no one doubts that the 76-Year-old can soon get into the race. But also, Biden versus Beto would have to exhibit a decisive advantage: his political past.

Joe Biden for more than 45 years in Washington actively. From 1973 to 2009, he was a Senator, and later, for eight years Vice-President under the Obama administration. It is already circulating now countless Videos with controversial Comments from Biden, he has made in his long career. And the campaign is still long. Beto served only six years in the house of representatives – he offers much less surface area of attack for Trump and the Republicans.

However, the clean man has a big Problem with the Trend. The democratic party shifts to the left. In the primaries, thus, also the senators, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders should have a word to say.

When the forces of the left to prevail in the party and its candidates in the race, Trump, four more years in the White house plan. When it comes to the Democrats, but really about the presidency conquer 2020 to recover, then there may be, as of now, only one: Beto O’rourke.