the New sanctions the United States can destroy a business the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer Huawei. Consumers worldwide is abandoning the brand, because the phone is no more of some popular American applications. This writes CNN.

next month, the Chinese company will not be able to get super-fast processors Kirin because they are produced using us technology. Enterprises refuse to supply processors Huawei because of the US sanctions. Their loss “definitely will affect the unique advantages” of smartphones, experts say.

Huawei is also facing stiff competition from domestic rivals such as Vivo, Oppo and Xiaomi. The analyst is sure that these producers will continue to develop actively, while Huawei next year you should be prepared to fall because the US “will slowly strangle the business.”

Huawei is under U.S. sanctions in may 2019. American companies do not have the right to do business with a Chinese Corporation, but they are allowed to keep Huawei products that have been released prior to its inclusion into the sanctions list.

the Main Savior of the smartphone manufacturer could become the former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden — if he wins the November presidential election, beating the current head of state Donald trump. Then it is likely that the policy company will pomenade.