the Lifting of the international embargo on buying weapons by Iran could lead to the fact that Tehran will acquire air defence (PVO) and fighter jets from Moscow and Beijing, wrote in Breaking Defense analysts Bradley Bowman and Shane Presswater from the Foundation for defense of democracies.

the Publication notes that in 2019, Iran attempted to purchase from Russia of s-400 “Triumph”, but the latter rejected the proposal. “But if the embargo on arms supplies would be stopped, Moscow might use the opportunity to sell Tehran s-400, as well as fighter jets and other weapons,” suggests Breaking Defense.

the Publication notes that, “given the impending danger, the Ministry of defence [United States] and Israel defense forces are preparing to all [possible] that can happen.” As an example of such training Breaking Defense leads joint exercises of the military departments of countries strikes F-35 Lightning II “complex air defense systems and enemy fighters before the [upcoming] defeat ground targets”.

“In many real situations the F-35 will have to defeat the Iranian air defense system and fighter jets, to facilitate direct or indirect weapon strikes on ground targets,” writes Breaking Defense.

In July, the head of the Secretariat of the defense industry of Turkey Ismail Demir stated that the cost for development of the F-35 Lightning II after exclusion of Turkish contractors caused by the purchase by Ankara of Moscow s-400 “Triumph”, will grow by $ 600 million and will increase the price of each plane for 7-9 million dollars.