a U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that the law against insurgency and separatism in Hong Kong who are preparing to take the Chinese authorities, could serve as an occasion to review Washington’s approach to the principle of “one country, two systems”. Donald trump said earlier that the United States rigidly respond to a corresponding gesture on the part of Beijing, and U.S. senators, meanwhile, are developing a draft law aimed at the protection of human rights in Hong Kong and pressure on China. Hong Kong can again become a pretext for confrontation between the United States and China.

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo on may 22, said that any decision of Beijing, involving autonomy and freedom of Hong Kong will lead to the fact that Washington will reconsider its approach to the principle of “one country, two systems”.

This principle guarantees the sovereignty of China over Hong Kong, Macau and in theory, Taiwan. However, in return Beijing agrees to keep current in these areas the interior, not to downplay the role of local government and existing freedoms.

“Any decision infringing the autonomy and freedom of Hong Kong guaranteed the joint Sino-British Declaration (on the transfer of Hong Kong) and the constitutional law, will inevitably affect our judgment (principle) “one country, two systems” and the status of this territory”, — reads the statement of the Secretary of state, released by the state Department.

Pompeo notes that the White house is a negative view of the inclusion in the agenda of vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives (NPC), China’s draft law on national security of Hong Kong. The White house’s position is that

such a move on the part of Beijing does not comply with the legal procedures of Hong Kong, has ignored the desire of its citizens and is the “death knell” of the autonomy of the region.

“The US urges Beijing to reconsider its terrible proposal to comply with its international obligations and to respect autonomy, democratic institutions and civil liberties of Hong Kong, which, in accordance with the laws of the United States, play a decisive role in the preservation of its special status,” he added.

The indignation of the United States is due to the fact that on Friday the national people’s Congress, resuming work after quarantine, included in the agenda of the meeting, the law “On improvement of the legal system and law enforcement mechanism in Hong Kong”, providing responsibility for “rebellion, separatism and treason.”

Thus the basic law of Hong Kong means that Beijing has the right to take this step, however, Chinese authorities did not resort to this solution. Now, China intends to change the third Appendix to the Basic law of Hong Kong, which lists the national laws that apply to the Special administrative region of China.

Before the press-Secretary of the armed forces��P stated that such a step lies in the direction of strengthening the principle on which it is built between two parties — “one country, two systems”. However, relationships built on this principle can not be called cloudless.

the Question of autonomy is extremely painful for Hong Kong, and the inhabitants react quite harshly to any encroachment on their special status.

So, last year the city hosted a vast wave of protests that lasted six months and was accompanied by violent clashes with the police. The reason for the discontent of Hong Kong citizens was the intentions of Beijing to adopt a law on extradition, which allows to give a suspected violation of Chinese laws. As a result, China had to withdraw the bill.

Now Hong Kong is, as before I am sure that the law “On improvement of the legal system and enforcement mechanism” is another attempt by China to reinforce its control.

Beijing insists that the initiative “would prevent, stop and punish any act aimed at splitting the country, undermining state power, the organization and implementation of terrorist activities and other forms of behavior that seriously threaten national security.”

Local authorities in Hong Kong also support the bill. As stated by the leader of the city Carrie Lam, the adoption of the initiative, “clearly falls within the competence of the Central authorities.” She also reported that the violence associated with the protest movement is growing, as well as the risk of terrorism, and the law targeted “precisely those situations which are disturbed during the past year the entire political and business sector in Hong Kong”.

The initiative also calls for Hong Kong to adopt its own laws on national security at the state level to fill all the gaps left by the version written Beijing.

in addition, the law prohibits “activities of foreign and external forces” intervening in the Affairs of Hong Kong.

“If necessary, appropriate national security authorities of the Central people’s government will establish the Agency in the [Hong Kong] to perform the corresponding responsibilities to ensure national security,” the document reads.

Previous protests have demonstrated to Beijing that Western support that has been extended to Hong Kong and his criticism of actions of China, could further kindle the strength of the protests. In the past year, China exchanged several critical statements from the United Kingdom and the United States who defended the protesters.

This time Beijing has again caused outrage in Europe and especially in the United States.

Foreign Affairs Canada, the UK and Australia issued a joint statement condemning the bill. Hienterprise initiatives without direct participation of Hong Kong people, legislative or judicial authorities does not correspond to the principle of “one country, two systems”, the statement said. The diplomats also recalled the Declaration signed between China and great Britain, which guarantees Hong Kong a high degree of autonomy.

However, the greatest condemnation of expresses the United States. The fact that Hong Kong has become another field for confrontation between Washington and Beijing.

the US President Donald trump said Thursday that if China passes a law on state security in Hong Kong, from Washington’s harsh reaction would follow.

On the eve of U.S. senators introduced a bill that imposes sanctions on Chinese officials and organizations involved in the adoption and implementation of the law on safety.

Senator Chris van HOLLEN and Senator Pat Toomey said that worked on the bill, which aims to protect human rights in Hong Kong and the pressure on China to retain the autonomy of the territory.

“We impose penalties on those involved in the suppression of Hong Kong” — quoted by The Wall Street Journal statement by Chris van HOLLEN. He also said that Beijing’s step “a gross violation” of the agreement of China with great Britain on the preservation of greater freedom and autonomy on site.

in Addition, the Republican majority leader of the U.S. Senate Mitch McConnell said the White house will review U.S.-China relations if Beijing continues to exert pressure on Hong Kong.

However, in addition to the reason for another injection to Beijing, there is another reason for such a sharp reaction of the United States. In recent years American companies were the largest investors in Hong Kong and the outbreak of last year’s anti-government protests that have made this area more visible to Washington.

China has asked other States not to interfere in its internal Affairs, including on issues relating to Hong Kong.

“The relevant issues relate to the internal politics of China, which has no right to interfere, no country in the world, – said the official representative of the foreign Ministry of China, Zhao Lijiang in the briefing on Friday. — The Chinese government is determined to protect the sovereignty and national interests of China. We are strongly opposed to foreign political forces to intervene in Hong Kong matters, we do not change its position”.

It is expected that the safety bill is approved in Parliament China next week.