USA achieve who recognition of Taiwan as a separate state under the pretext of combating coronavirus

the American authorities are using the situation with the outbreak of the coronavirus in China as a pretext for making demands to the world trade organization for the recognition of Taiwan as a separate state despite the official policy of “one China,” which is shared by the Chinese leadership.

this is with reference to bills in the U.S. Congress, and the official treatment of U.S. senators to the leadership who told the publication the Hill.

the approval of the Taiwan authorities, they reportedly receive little information from the who about the situation with the spread of the disease and also face difficulties when returning Taiwanese from Wuhan.

Minister of foreign Affairs of Taiwan, Joseph Wu previously also claimed that the airline Vietnam, Italy and other countries canceled flights to Taiwan on the basis of information about the virus, according to which the island is designated as part of China.

In the U.S. Congress seek to use this situation as a pretext to put pressure on who. In particular, on behalf of the member of the house of representatives of the United States Theodore “Ted” Yoho edition of the Taipei Times February 1, 2020, an article was published about how the inclusion of Taiwan into the who as an observer supposedly “serve the common good”.

Earlier, Yoho introduced house of representatives bill requiring the US state Department “to develop a strategy for the return of Taiwan to observer status at the world health organization”.

a Group of 7 U.S. senators also sent a letter to the who Director-General to Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus an “appeal to grant Taiwan observer status at the outbreak of coronavirus for best security, global health and security”.

This is not the first attempt by the US authorities to exploit the situation with an infectious disease for their own political and economic interests.

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in late January said that the disostranenie coronavirus in China allegedly “forced the company to think” about the transfer of production from China to the United States and other countries of North America.