The 63-year-old Emma Neil Ogle is supposed to have had months of Sex with her 17-year-old student, reported, “WSOC-TV”. Last Thursday, flew on the thing, and the teacher from Huntersville (United States) was arrested and charged.

But before the process could be made, it was himself. Prior to that, the 63-Year-old shot and killed her husband (†59).

the student reported the relationship of the school

Ogle, since, 2014, at the Garinger high school working, started the relationship with her underage student last spring. In the summer, it’s supposed to be for the first time came to the Sex.

Although the age of consent was repealed in the state of North Carolina for 16 years. However, such teacher-to-student are not allowed relationships, reports the station.

The 17-Year-old himself is said to have discovered his love affair, a few hours before the arrest of the wife of a school employee. Ogle was suspended with immediate effect. After her arrest, the 63 was allowed to-Year-old first home.

special operations command came too late

On Wednesday, her husband Michael (59) appeared to work. The worried colleagues called a family member and asked them to see him. As the woman went to the house of the couple, she saw the armed Emma Ogle.

Then, a SWAT team came to the house of the ogle’s. But when the officers arrived at the scene of the crime, were both of these people are dead. (you)