The scandal of the high school-bribes in the United States caused a sensation. To accommodate children in Top universities such as Yale, Stanford, or Georgetown, to dozens of celebrities and other wealthy parents, and staff at Colleges and universities in the United States bribed.

The bribes went to William Singer, who by means of a sophisticated network for the recording of low-skilled students. So, he had to falsify test results, and bribed the coach, the place of study candidates with above-average athletic performance, certified to be a Sport to get a scholarship to (LOOK told).

Now actress Felicity Huffman (“Desperate Housewives”) guilty. In tears, she admitted on Monday, with money, the chances of your daughter on a good place to study I want to increase.

Huffman in jail?

According to communication from the public Prosecutor’s office in Boston, a judge at the 13. September announce the sentence. According to the will of the indictment, the 56-year-old Huffman is to get four to ten months imprisonment and a fine of 20’000 dollars.

Huffman said at your court date in Boston, to have 15’000 dollars paid to her daughter in the University entrance scores test SAT better. So she wanted to allow her access to a better University.

Huffman had already given in April of their debt. You should have paid 15’000 dollars bribe in order to achieve that the answers to their oldest daughter at a state-wide placement test, SAT subsequently have been improved. Huffman, from her marriage with actor William H. Macy have two daughters, deals with the admission of guilt is a longer process and a longer prison sentence. Bribery money are in the USA fines and up to 20 years in prison. (SDA/nim)