For over four months, the Democrats play the Powerplay against Donald Trump. Since the party, Nancy Pelosi has a majority in the house of representatives, they have launched several investigations against the President.

one Particularly controversial aspect of the efforts to Trumps are clarifications of Tax. Since the former US President Jimmy Carter, it was a matter of course, that the President of the state creates in-chief of transparency over his tax in the past. Donald Trump has not done this yet.

Therefore, the Democrats called on the Ministry of Finance, the documents out of the back. On Monday, Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin has made a decision: trump’s tax returns remain classified.

It lacks a “legitimate target”

The Ministry of Finance will not meet the requirement of the tax law to the competent Committee in the house of representatives after the return of the documents. This Minister of Finance Mnuchin wrote in a letter to the democratic Committee Chairman Richard Neal. Accordingly, the legal basis for the Handing over of the documents of the President of the panel is missing.

The request of the Committee “lacks a legitimate goal,” wrote Mnuchin. Discussions with the Ministry of justice have revealed that the Ministry of Finance was not entitled, the personal and business documents Trumps presented to the Committee. In addition, the request of the opposition from the Democrats controlled panel of “serious constitutional raises legal questions”, which could have consequences for all taxpayers.

the case Lands in the Supreme Court?

The decision of Mnuchin is in the sense of Trumps. The President had immediately made it clear that he is the offspring of the claim and, if necessary, however, before a court procedure. As already during the election campaign he justified this with a for years, the current tax audit. The IRS stated, however, that this is not a deal-breaker.

The Democrats only by going to court. However, the way it would be a long, bumpy, and not promising. Because, ultimately, the case would probably end up at the Supreme court (Supreme Court), which is currently in conservative hands. (nim/SDA)