at the beginning of the month rumors of similar plans in the White house came in the form of leaks to the media on both sides of the Atlantic, and on June 15, trump has voiced them publicly. It is expected that by the end of the year of 34.5 thousand us troops on bases in Germany will be no more than 25 thousand.

However, according to Spiegel online, Democrats and Republicans decided to play in advance and even before the approval of the military budget was hastily amended the annually adopted law on financing national defence policy. It provides that to receive funds, the withdrawal of troops and equipment the Pentagon chief will be required to submit to the Congress a statement that the redeployment of the troops “meets the national interests of the United States and does not threaten the security of the European NATO partners”.

the Bill introduced by Senate Democrats Christopher coons, Timothy Kane, and the Genie Sahin, Republicans MITT Romney, Marco Rubio and even the close confidant of trump’s Lindsey Graham.

“In Germany the decision of the President of the United States on troop reductions caused surprise and criticism, but in their own country and even in the ranks of his own party prescriptions from the oval office faced with active resistance, – notes the edition. – Trump as commander in chief and he can order a partial withdrawal of troops, but it would still need the money allocated by the Congress.”

Earlier, trump accused the German partners to funding the needs of NATO. In 2019, the Berlin brought the expenses to 1.38% of GDP, but in Washington expect more. The German government criticism is not accepted. However, many members of the opposition welcomed the decision of the American Chapter in the hope that after the soldiers left, followed by the removal of tactical nuclear weapons the United States from the territory of Germany.