the U.S. Congress has made concessions to European companies that are involved in the construction of “Nord stream – 2” (SP-2). They prepare the bill, which exempts foreign partners “Gazprom” from a number of legal measures to impose punitive measures for cooperation with the Russian company. However, to expedite the completion of the gas route of the action overseas politicians are unlikely to allow. Rather, it is the attempt of reconciliation with Germany, which recently hinted that he will impose economic counter USA ultimatum if sanctions against Russian gas pipeline will affect the German private and public organizations.

a Bill to clarify the sanctions against SP-2, prepared by the us Congress from both parties, contains a more generalized restriction on the creation of underwater routes for the transportation of hydrocarbons. On the one hand, the document suggests that sanctions will be imposed against companies engaged in “inspection, testing and certification of pipelines,” as required by the previous “hard” the bill on sanctions. It is obvious that in the first place refers to the “Nord stream – 2”, in active antagonism with which Washington entered several years ago. New Russian export pipe, as it is known, will allow our country to virtually eliminate the participation of Ukraine in ensuring the “blue fuel” to European countries and will significantly hinder the supply of American liquefied fuel to the market of the Old world.

however, the new bill American politicians “plan to expand the scope of potential sanctions for vessels which the pipes are laid at a depth of 30 meters. Sanctions of the obligation may extend to ships that are engaged in “preparation of the ground laying, trenching, land surveying works, backfilling, bending and welding of pipes”. Issues of a judicial nature may arise also from those who provide services to “underwriting, insurance and reinsurance of vessels involved in the construction of a gas pipeline”. All this, of course, a blow to SP-2, but not as strong as suggested by the wording of the previous bill.

According to the investment strategist UK “Arikapital” Sergei Suverov, the new bill of U.S. congressmen, although it looks an attempt to alleviate the tense relations between Moscow and Washington, but does not provide specific understanding of how project participants SP-2, do not fall under the restrictive measures, which can enter the United States.

Recall that the threat of sanction of prosecution has led to the fact that the Swiss contractor Allseas, is engaged in stacking SP-2, avoid the American claims, in March withdrew its ships from the Baltic sea. “Gazprom” PR��was gone to throw into the production area domestic ship, has the necessary qualities — laying vessel “Akademik Chersky” and barge “Fortuna”.

But there are other pipelines, which are engaged in international consortia without Russian participants. At the end of last year, the us government presented the project EastMed, they are going to pave from the Eastern Mediterranean to Italy through Greece. Deposits of the North sea can be linked with the European market through the Baltic Pipe pipeline which is planned to involve 2-3 years. “In their construction of Russia not involved, but if a new bill of U.S. congressmen will be approved, that a comb should not fall only SP-2, but alternative routes of deliveries of “blue fuel” to Europe”, — said the sovereign.

meanwhile, as considers the head of analytical Department AMarkets Artem Deev, the attempt of American politicians to somehow meet Russian exporters of “blue fuel” can be interpreted as a nod to the European allies of Washington. The threat to the United States to provide sanctions of the European partners “Gazprom” on the SP-2 has caused quite a strong reaction from Germany, which is the main Russian ally on this project. Berlin even threatened to impose retaliatory restrictions on economic relations with the United States.

“SP-2” — another reason for the struggle between the US and the EU for the European energy market. Germany can impose duties on us LNG, and it will be a painful blow to the White house, because the Old world is extremely important for Washington as a market. The availability of a new draft sanctions does not mean a split in the ranks of American politicians, and talks about the approach to compromise in both houses of Congress. However, until the end of this summer final SP-2 from the Russian side will not start: on the Baltic sea begins commercial fish spawning, so the participants of the project will have to wait. In this case, “Gazprom” and Germany will have time to prepare a response to confrontation with the United States, and Washington will get time for the reconciliation of the legislative and Executive authorities,” — says Artem Deev.

Nikolay MAKEEV.

Nikolay MAKEEV.


U.S. ready to ease sanctions against the Russian gas pipeline